Norwegian Models - Saxegaard Photography

✨This year, I will be focusing on my current studies in Australia and will not be able to work with Norwegian models.

✨Therefore, I  have decided to put all Saxegaard Photography accounts on break for the year to come.

✨ In Saxegaard we wish to produce the best quality and continue to create content that are worthy for the eyes of our viewers and we see this as a necessity to be able to meet our goals.

✨ Thank you so much for all the love and support we have received!

Norwegian Saxegaard Models

Model galleries open Sunday 22.10.2017

Amalie Helene

Benedicte Anita (Updated)

Hannah Aurora (Major Update)

Ine Mausethagen (Major Update)

Iselin Cheyenne (Updated)

Karianne Vilde

Rebekka Norvik (Major Update)

New Saxegaard Model: Silje Jahren

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