Prices and Bookings

M o d e l l i n g  &  P o r t r a i t s

Standard Package
(1500,- NOK/240,- AUD)

 -  Outdoor shoot (usually 2 - 2,5 hours)

 -  7-10 High Resolution Pictures

 -  Fully edited and retouched pictures

G y m n a s t i c s,  C h e e r l e a d i n g  
&  D a n c e 
(per hour  700,- NOK/130,- AUD)

One-on-One shoot
(per person  1500,- NOK/230,- AUD)    

 -  Private photographer with a coaches eye

 -  12-15 Professional pictures       
    (Gymnastics: 3-5 pictures in each apparatus)


(*Travel costs are added to the total if not within in a reasonable distance)

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